Sauve Garde le Salaves

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Sauvegarde du Salavès

A pillaged site

Over 10 years, the Domaine de Sebens has metamorphosed!... From being an agricultural domain, it has mutated into a terrain for exercises comparable to those dedicated to army manoeuvres: the agriculture has disappeared to the profit of an illegal mechanical activity, with its consequent topographic transformations, also completely illegal…

Satellite images of the Domaine de Sebens in 2002…and in 2009

Source:  -  2002/2009   

Training tracks: Numerous tracks for motor bikes and rally car trials have been created for different uses, some of them designed for very high speeds. These trails bisect communal paths used by the public (see the section “The Threat”)

Earthworks: Works on a breath taking scale, jumps, obstacles and other tests for mechanical and sporting trials have overturned the topography of the place.

Jumps made of compacted earth neighbouring an equestrian centre and a donkey farm…

Nature is tortured…the subsoil is exploited…and the countryside disfigured