Sauve Garde le Salaves

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Sauvegarde du Salavès

A Zone in need of Protection

A Zone to Protect

The neighbours of Sebens suffer particularly from the noise and dust generated by the mechanical activities of the Metge family at the Domaine de Sebens. But what about the damage to nature, to our ground water, to the fauna and flora in the high valley of the Banassou, classified as a natural area of ecological interest for its flora and fauna (ZNIEFF)?

The circuit and ZNIEFF

Hydrography of the Upper Banassou

A great part of the Domaine de Sebens and its illegal circuit overlaps with the area delimited by the ZNIEFF, which is inhabited by rare and protected species, including:

  Limodorum abortivum © H Pfeiff

  Singing Toad

  Ophris apifera © H. Pfeiff

Can we accept that a business based on profit, for the pleasure of a few wealthy sportsmen, should jeopardize a protected zone, tranquil and reserved for leisure, and one of the major tourist attractions of Sauve, with its status of GREEN DESTINATION, earned thanks to the special qualities of the Salavès?