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Car Tests at Sebens

Car tests at Sebens

"Jean-Yves Metge, former rally driver (France championship all terrain rallies, France championship earth rallies, Paris-Dakar, Paris-Beijing) has set up a structure that can accommodate rally vehicles to test performance and sharpen their focus. Numerous French and foreign pilots, professionals or amateurs, have tested cars on these tracks. Http:// (Site taken down, probably in response to the attention drawn to it by this site)

Customer Testimonial

A client of M. Metge, who uses the pseudonym "Adrenalineaddict", has written a panegyric on his blog of 9 October 2009 following a visit to Domaine de Sebens on Tuesday, 6 October 2009 in preparation for a rally at Cardabelles:

"The destination is the Domaine de Sebens, provided by Jean-Yves Metge, this circuit regularly has factories come to test and develop their WRC (Peugeot Sport, CitroŽn Sport, Mitsubishi, Skoda Motorsports ... etc), and right now they are expecting in a fortnight some teams for Dakar, and a little later the CitroŽn Sport WRC staff, quite a programme! Ľ

M. Adrenalineaddict informs us that:

"The circuit offers many different types of terrain (all of them dirt) and an incredible combination of tracks allowing one to create incredibly different courses, a real treat in store! Ľ

At 9:50 M. Adrenalineaddict takes up the challenge:

"With a metallic cacophony, the 285 hp of the Sub rends the sky of Sebens, the start of the first round of recce before note-taking and the three laps according to the notes. 10:05, Almost the end of the first round and a final heaven of compression and a left cable tightens ... the engine with the beautiful rush of hoarse, guttural sound of the Flat4, the tone is set, this day will be placed under the sign of Happiness and Banzai !!! .... The detonations that we hear across the domain (dominated by its 19th century mansion) have nothing to do with cloud formations but rather with the irruptions of the Bang which burns with the index Ron 102 with which it jests !! ! The car turns demonic and it is against my resisting body (the heart of the Mitsu requires it) that I have to admit that this lively and alert character and this cruelty make of it a beast, a beast that Christophe is bent on taming and pushing to its limits. Ľ

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Some pictures:

Sebens October 6, 2009, 10:05, preparing for a rally


Sebens May 22, 2013, 15:00 particularly noisy tests on the banks of the Banassou ...

Michelin tyre tests 11, 12 and 13 June 2013

Novelty: 19, 20 and 21 August, testing a 4x4 GVM (made in China)