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A juridical investigation of the infractions committed at the domaine de Sebens in the Commune of Sauve was ordered by the Tribunal de Grande Instance d'Alès at the demand of one of the members of the Association. The secret conduct of this operation prevents us from receiving news of its progress. As a result of the complexity of this dossier, the expert conducting it has postponed the presentation of his conclusions on three occasions, citing the abundance of the documents submitted and the difficulty of obtaining certain information from the Authorities concerned.

This site reflects the situation existing on the 3rd of April 2014 at the domaine de Sebens, the date when the Tribunal de Grande Instance d'Alès took the decision to authorise a juruducal investigation. Since then there have been many physical modifications to the terrain, probably in response to the investigation under way. These changes are evidence of the clear vision of the Association Sauve-Garde du Salavès.

The report of the expert carrying out the juridical investigation is now expected in the middle of September 2016

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The association Sauve-Garde du Salavès was founded (under the Law 1901) in August 2000.  Following a change in its Administrative Council, it was re-registered at the Deputy Precture of Le Vigan under the dossier number W303001580 and currently has 36 subscribed members.

Its objectives are:

·      protection of the environment, its flora and fauna, its springs and rivers, and the whole area of the “Salavès”, including the canton of Sauve and the areas surrounding the Vidourle and the Crieulon rivers;

·      protection of the economic activities of the region, in particular those related to artisan, wine-making and tourist activities

·      protection of the patrimony embedded in the land of this region.

Its statutes permit the Association to use all legal means in pursuit of its objectives, including the pursuit of actions through the courts, and association as a civil party in actions engaged by others. 

The immediate threat which led to its original creation was the project to install a waste dépôt and treatment plant (un Centre de Stockage de Déchets Ultimes (CSDU)) in the valley of the Banassou stream, in the canton of Sauve.  

The CSDU project was prepared without informing the public of its probable effects and consequences, and the criteria used to select the site were cynically manipulated so that Sauve would be top of the list.  The site selected had previously been rejected on the grounds of geographic incompatibility in 1995.  This project represented a real danger to the ecology, tourism, agriculture and economy of our whole region.

Curiously – or not – the site chosen for the waste dépôt was adjacent to the land of M. Jean-Yves Metge, who was at this time a member of the Sauve Municipal Council.  Some years previously, M. Metge had installed on his land at Sebens an illegal dépôt for agricultural slurry, which he was only forced to abandon as the result of legal action brought by a neighbour.

The campaign in which our association is engaged today once again concerns the Domaine de Sebens where dirt tracks created for motorbike and rally car trials cover more than 60 hectares and profoundly threaten the entire ecology of the valley of the Banassou, the health of the inhabitants, the lives of walkers and the development of the Green Tourism project of the Commune of Sauve.  Moreover, the various associated pollutions (noise, dust, abandonment of heavy vehicle wrecks, visual pollution of the landscape) has caused a substantial depreciation of the moral and real estate patrimony of a large part of the Salavès.

  Area of the illegal circuit at Sebens
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