Sauve Garde le Salaves

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Merci de signer la Pétition!
Sauvegarde du Salavès

Motoclub de Sebens

Motoclub de Sebens

The Association TEAM SAUVAIN was created in 1988. It recently changed its statutes and moved its registered office to the house of its president, Jean-Yves Metge, at the Domaine de Sebens. Since 2011 the Domaine de Sebens has also been the illegal base of the Motoclub "School 99" which offers training courses, outings and events: (site taken down, probably in response to the attention drawn to it by this site) (site taken down, probably in response to the attention drawn to it by this site)

The offer is not limited to the Domaine de Sebens. Adrien et Michael Metge proposed outings on their internet site:

« - Around the village of Sauve, on the headland of the Coutach, where paths between rocky outcrops and through woods offer panoramic views of the Cévennes, the Alps and the sea.

« - Discovering the Cévennes, along paths used since the dawn of time, where varied landscapes unfold, allowing you to discover unforgettable viewpoints and magical places which bear witness to the rich life of the past. »

What a delightful appreciation of the local countryside!  The Metge family proposes to transform it into a paradise for bikers! 

Take great care, all you ramblers, mountain bikers and equestrians!

The Association Team Sauvain has been affiliated to the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) since 2012, as a motor bike club.  This gives it the right to confer the FFM license on its members, theoretically giving them insurance cover.... But this insurance cover is only valid for a terrain authorised by the Mayor or the Prefect, and no authorisation exists covering the practice of this sport at the Domaine de Sebens. Which means that no motorcyclist using this terrain is insured. 

This is the subject of the petition issued by the "Collective of the Neighbours of the Banassou" jointly with the association "Sauve-Garde du Salavès" which calls for the application of the law, because no one may take responsibility for teaching a sport without insurance.