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Merci de signer la Pétition!
Sauvegarde du Salavès


The Association Sauve-Garde du Salavès has decided not to update this website while legal action is ongoing, considering that it represents the evidence and the justification for this action.

The report of the expert is expected in mid-September 2016

October 24, 2013

During the month of October, the Commune files a legal action with the Prosecutor against Jean-Yves Metge. This legal approach concerns, among other things, the activities we denounce on our site. Our Association decides to join the Commune’s legal action as a civil party. 

September 28, 2013, we reply to Jean-Yves Metge


We have received your email of 31 August. Your answer makes no significant clarifications warranting a reconsideration of the content of our site.

To be clear, we ask you to produce:

1. The authorisations permitting you to operate your car circuit and the motor bike paths year after year. You have publicly stated that your activities started 35 years ago.

2. The authorization to exploit you quarry.   
FYI, the definition of a quarry is a "terrain from which are extracted stones or sand." Quarries require authorization. 

3. The authorization to expand existing  water retention basins, in 2011, with a retaining wall that increases by a factor of ten their previous surface. Given its magnitude, this type of work requires moreover a building permit, which we also ask you to produce.

4. Building permits for 8 earth jumps created for the acrobatic displays of your motorcycle users.

Only production of these official documents could persuade us of the need to adjust elements of our website. Meanwhile, we will continue to keep our members informed of events as they occur.

Sincerely yours,

8 and 9 October 2013

For two days a Citroën rally car races around the test track making a noise from hell, throwing impressive quantities of stones up into the air...

The trail runs along the communal path, then crosses it. No security in place! At every turn, the car goes in both directions...

A spectacle of sound and dust ... The neighbours thank Jean-Yves Metge for this delicate attention !!! But how long must they endure the insolence and contempt of this individual who is operating completely illegally?

Quarry No. 1. September 2013: a brief photographic record of its development

April 2011                                                                                                             January 2012

  September 2013

Condition of Quarry No. 1, end of september 2013


30 August 2013

Following the tests undergone by the vehicle "made in China" on 20 August last (see Section Car Tests at Sebens), a new and particularly noisy racing car is tested on the circuit on 30 August 2013.  The
photograph is taken as it passes on top of a bank created by the first clandestine quarry. The accumulation of debris behind the orange cone, together with some vegetation, masks a huge cloud of dust coming from the movement of the vehicle on the other side of the hill ...


July 27, 2013, we received the email below from the Metge Family:

After reading pages dedicated to the Domaine de Sebens on your web site "Sauvegarde du Salaves," we are stunned by the number of lies therein, you walk around the domain without being invited, you make allegations about situations past, present or future, which issue from your own imagination. Do you not think that  you mislead the signatories of the petition that you invite them to sign with false and defamatory statements, with violation of the freedom of others and trespass on their property?

We are not procedural and never involve ourselves in the lives of others, but in the face of such behaviour, it is quite possible that we will sue for defamation.   - Family Metge

Our reply:

We have received your email of 27 July, but without clarification from you it is impossible to answer you concretely. We have no other interest than the pursuit of truth, peace and respect for the environment in which we live. We ask that you provide a list of everything that you consider "lies" or "situations ... which issue from your own imagination." We will analyze it as quickly as possible and adjust the site if your answers require a revision.

In the absence of a response from you, we will assume that "he who is silent agrees". 

Please accept the assurances of our most distinguished sentiments. - Association de Sauvegarde du Salavès.

On 9 July, the Midi Libre published an article about the lawsuit that the Municipal Council of the Commune of Sauve voted on May 30 to "defend the interests of the municipality in the context of the various constraints linked to the Domaine de Sebens".   We reproduce the article below, followed by our response to the statements of M. Metge.


The association's reply:

Who are the real victims, M. Metge?

M. Jean-Yves Metge presents himself as a victim.   What he does today, he says, is in no way different from what he has done at Sebens for the past 35 years.

But this website clearly shows how, since 2004, M. Metge has created his circuit by concealing his intentions from the authorities.  One has only to compare two satellite views of the Domaine de Sebens taken in 2002 and 2009, to understand the transformation – the desecration – of the terrain.  And since 2009, the situation has become even worse!

"Access to Land"

According to M. Metge, the circuit consists only of "access roads to plots of land."   Are we intended thereby to understand these as "agricultural plots"? In which case, it is curious that the neighbours have not noticed any agricultural activity on your land for many years.

"The car manufacturers do not pay to use the circuit»

M. Metge informs us that "the manufacturers" – presumably he speaks of Citroën, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Yamaha, Michelin, Subaru and the others who regularly use the circuit at Sebens - "do not pay a rental fee." Does he want us to believe that he massacres his terrain, tortures the neighbours and undertakes all this work for altruistic motives?  And no "honorariums" either?  Come on, surely just a few? For example the fees for the instruction courses for motorcycling that he offers...

"I provide a service in rehabilitating degraded roads"

This becomes hilarious.  Is M. Metge seriously telling us that he rehabilitates communal paths flattened by the tracks that criss-cross them and which are traversed at high speed?  So, when is he planning to rehabilitate the communal path below his “reservoir”, which has been flooded over a year by leaks coming from this “reservoir?  And when is he planning to rehabilitate the path that he diverted to create a new track last June?

"I create economic activity in Sauve! »

We greatly appreciate the exclamation mark.  Because in fact M. Metge destroys jobs in Sauve, for its own benefit.  Neighbouring Sebens there are businesses that are in decline because their customers do not appreciate the noise and the dust.  The effect on green tourism in Sauve, where hikers suffer the cacophony of cars and motorcycles even above Sauve in the Sea of Rocks, is equally harmful, compounded by the monstrous machinery of M. Metge which massacres the valley of the Banassou.  To all this must be added the situation of writers and artists in the neighbourhood who, disturbed by the noise, can no longer write or paint, and those people suffering from depression because of these activities.  That is without counting the great depreciation in the value of the real estate.... This really is a beautiful way that M. Metge has discovered of creating economic activity!

"It's an officially sanctioned reservoir to guard against fires"

M. Metge claims to have permissions for a reservoir covering approximately 4,000 m2.  "If   firefighters do not know that it is an officially sanctioned reservoir to guard against fires, then the administration has not done its job!"  But let's be logical: the small lakes that already existed were already more than enough for the needs of the fire brigade in the event of fire and firefighters have always been aware of them.  The financial grant was already attributed for that purpose as M. Metge admits; but the problem for him was that these small lakes do not lend themselves well to the practic of jet ski.  According to the authorities the large lake is illegal.  End of story.

"I came before you"

M. Metge makes a big point of resting his case on an imaginary law of anteriority.  The journalist who wrote the article notes that "Jean-Yves Metge emphasizes that a Local Development Plan cannot apply to activities that preceded it." M. Metge should check with his lawyer to be sure of what he says.

There are many more points that we could make, but we will limit ourselves to three:

Beautiful quarries

What is the purpose of the beautiful quarries that M. Metge has created?  And what is the destination of the thousands of tons of stone that have been extracted from the subsoil that belongs to the French state?  Is it yet another example of voluntary work that M. Metge undertakes for the good of society?

A park of rotting heavy goods vehicles and machinery contaminating our waters

What is the future of the impressive fleet of wrecks strewn all over the terrain at Sebens?  Is M. Metge not concerned that the oils and other toxic substances may contaminate our waters?  It is well known that at Sebens the water table rises almost to the surface of the land.

Where is my beautiful land of yester year?

And, finally, a small matter that puzzles us.  When M. Metge awakens on a fine summer morning and looks out on the great dump that he created, does he never recall the magnificent terrain he purchased from Dame Elisabeth Frink and Edward Poole all those years ago?

To our knowledge, the authorities – the Commune of Sauve, the Prefecture, the Prosecutor – do  not share the fantasies of M. Metge concerning the legality of the past and present activities that he engages in at Sebens.