Sauve Garde le Salaves

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Merci de signer la Pétition!
Sauvegarde du Salavès



Located on the west hill of the Banassou watershed, the Domaine de Sebens sits on the water table that supplies the population of the Salavès. However, pollution of this water source has been accumulating year by year from Sebens.  Many machines, vehicles, wrecks and caravans lie rotting on the property, releasing hydrocarbons and other toxic products.

Motorcycle and car trials on the tracks, as well as large scale construction machinery (excavators, crushers, Caterpillar or other tracked vehicles) also contribute to the risk of water pollution.


Dismaying: oil pollution

The illegal use of the terrain of Sebens, by the Motoclub School 99 or for car trials, causes undeniable noise pollution. Depending on the wind direction, the noise and the enormous quantities of dust generated directly disturbs all the people living around.

To stop these disturbances, to save this sensitive part of Salavès and its quality of life, please sign the petition to demand that the law be enforced and that these outrageous activities be permanently banned. 
Your civic action and support will contribute to a fight begun in 2004 to save the valley of Banassou. We extend to you our heartfelt thanks.