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Sauvegarde du Salavès

The Threat

The Threat

The creation of trails covering 70 hectares for motor bikes and rally cars at Sebens(the site which promoted these activities has been taken down, probably in response to the attention drawn to it by this site) threatens the entire ecology of the Valley of the Banassou, the health of the inhabitants, the the lives of ramblers and the Green Tourism project of the Commune of Sauve.

For many years the inhabitants of the area have been fighting against the implantation of a mechanical sports circuit on the site (see the historical section below – “And the authorities…”). But since 2012 the increased frequency of utilisation of the circuit and the construction of extensions to it have considerably increased the level of disturbance.

Since 2012 the Domaine de Sebens has hosted an illegal Motoclub (the site Motoclub de Sebens has been taken down, probably in response to the attention drawn to it by this site) in a zone forbidden for “installations and activities for Mechanical Sports” under the local urban planning law (Art. A1, US1 and N1 of Plan Local d’Urbanisme de la commune de Sauve, approved 6/12/2007).


Communal paths are bisected by training trails. Under such conditions the risk of accidents for their users (pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians and motorcyclists) is obvious. It is highly likely that no insurance company would pay compensation in the event of an accident: penal responsibility would rest with the owners of the land and with the Commune.

These public paths are heavily damaged, cut in two or even diverted illegally.

In addition to the activities of the Motoclub, the inhabitants also suffer from other motorised sports (car trials, jet ski) and from incessant heavy earth moving. All this provokes inevitable disturbances – noise, smells, dust, pollution of the water table… - which are suffered by man and animals alike.

Local clients and tourists flee the area in the face of the din.

The value of houses in the neighbourhood is greatly reduced – by as much as 40%.

The flora and fauna are under threat.

Nearby there are many small businesses engaged in activities in perfect harmony with the Green Tourism project of the Commune, including:

       a horse riding centre offering equitherapy to patients suffering from mental health problems (situated right next to the circuit)

       the production of soaps and cosmetics from asses’ milk (situated right next to the circuit)

       an innovatory apiculture project

       an organic market gardening exploitation

       the growing of ginger and production of products based on it

       a number of properties offering tourism apartments and bed-and-breakfast

       tourism accommodation in yurts

       a farm for the raising of horses

       and some fifty inhabited houses

The activities of all these enterprises are threatened.

It is clear that the owners of Sebens have little interest in the ecology of their property, having transformed an exceptional domain into a lunar landscape – the topography turned upside down, trees torn from their roots, the vegetation annihilated. All this in a zone classified as being of interest for its ecology, flora and fauna (Zone Naturelle d'Intérêt Ecologique Faunistique et Floristique – ZNIEFF – des  collines marneuses du Banassou: ZNIEFF - Banassou).

Map showing the footprint of the illegal circuit inside the boundaries of the ZNIEFF

Source base image: - 2009