Sauve Garde le Salaves

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Sauvegarde du Salavès

The Salavès threatened

Our commune

The Salavès is situated on either side of the Vidourle river, between St-Hippolyte-du Fort and Quissac.  It includes the medieval village of Sauve and magnificant lanscapes, just a few kilometre from the foothills of the Cévennes (Ville de Sauve).

The Commune of Sauve has undertaken a major project to improve the facilities and look of the village, with the aim of developing its potential as a centre for Green Tourism.  The Municipal Council is managing an investment programme of 5.4 million € which is renewing the water, sewage, electric, internet and telephone facilities, the public lighting, the resurfacing of the streets and the renovation of  the buildings.  It also includes a programme to improve the paths for walkers, cyclists and equestrians, with new signage and the establishment of a Green Pathway following the former railway track, which will eventually run between Nîmes and Le Vigan.

   Sauve, capital of the Salavès

  The Green Way              


The exceptionally rich flora and fauna of the Salavès. These include more than a dozen protected species of orchid, some of them extremely rare, and a varied population of insects and beetles living in a fragile environment.



The threat is coming from the Domaine de Sebens


THE GREEN TOURISM OF THE COMMUNE IS PUT AT RISK by a private project in the valley of the Banassou, which has an entirely differect objective: the illegal installation of a motoclub in 2012 and, since 2004, the renting out of the Domaine de Sebens for commercial  rally car trials (the site Motoclub de Sebens has been taken down, probably as a result of the attention drawn to it by this site).


There are currently some 9 km of trails and paths for motorised sports and car trials.

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